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Strategi Pengembangan Bisnis PT. Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries, Tbk Jakarta


Deskripsi: PT. Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries, Tbk experienced a decrease in volume of production and sales value. It happens because of a lack of raw material, the case of rejection by the importing country and the global economic crisis. The purpose of this study were to evaluate the internal and external conditions of PT. Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries, Tbk, to formulate alternative of business development strategy and to determine its priorities. The data was collected from April-June 2012 and involved seven respondents. Descriptive analysis, analysis of IFE and EFE, Internal-External analysis, SWOT analysis and the analysis QSPM were used to analyze the data. There were three strategies that can be applied by PT. Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries, Tbk. The priority of strategic alternative were consecutively implementing supply chain management; find a new country to develop a market; and increse an operation cooperation procedure to maintain a quality of raw material.

Keyword: Business Development Strategy, IFE, EFE, IE, SWOT andQSPM

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